Saturday, July 23, 2016

Let there be cure please!

It always saddens me to see or hear people going through ever worsening psychotic episodes.

Though I am and have tried my best with limited my words, I know what I have done so far is so--simply nothing.

I had tried to let someone going through the onset know that the scary crowd that wouldn't stop judging her, what she was experiencing, didn't exist outside her reality. But it didn't help and it simply had to flow through its natural course.

I have heard of stories many a time... stories of how people didn't make it through a major episode (with my empirically tested guess). In their stories I would see the ghost of my past and life in the present.

How I wish to build a great wall to stop people from traversing the same path--the same unnecessarily inconvenient path I have to traverse. Unfortunately, the great wall I attempted to build could help no one for they would simply walk right through it--the invisible wall as I shout out loud on the other side, "Don't do it."

How else could I help people? As an individual, the alternatives are close to none ... with the "close to" the outcome of the build-in error in assessments.

So I figure ... if there is nothing to stop them from crossing over, whatever might be upstairs, let there be cure ... soon (as the real effective dosage in my treatment now is giving me more side effects than my body can handle).

My best wishes to those also undergo similar minor inconveniences in life--wherever you are.