Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Two Cents: Blogging about Psychosis?

I had thought that, after last night's posting, I am to not blog for at least a few more weeks if not months. Then, when trying to find information about whether it's a good thing for patients to have insight about their mental health problem and admit it, I came across this article on BBC ( today which made me feel compelled to offer my two cents.

Apparently, the experts are now asking people to blog about their psychosis: something I have done for over a decade and was to promote, sort of, in my book.  Except, having blogging myself into the psychiatric ward, I am a living case of how blogging publicly about one's own psychotic symptoms could actually do more harm than good.

Believe me, when you are so psychotic that you believe you are telepathic or your thoughts are broadcast, it's very unlikely that your mental condition will benefit from the reality that you really are broadcasting yours symptoms to the public like Anderson Cooper live from Gaza's front line with a bomb blowing up right behind.

Private blogs which could only be accessed by the authorized people, would be a good way of doing it, especially when there are professionals closely monitoring the writing. Unfortunately, based on my experiences with my private blog "Ratology at Heal," which is only accessible to mes, myselves and Is, even private blogs are not fail-safe because my paranoid self has never stopped for a day believing that my private blogs are read by unauthorized people, meaning, people other than me.

Regardless, my best wishes to this project and the well-being of the participating patients.  At the same time, it's my most sincere hope that the professionals really could make the best use of the captured utterances to maximize the therapeutic advantages of blogging--something I have used my life to test for the past decade. I believe that it will help although we patients might need others to help us catch our own disordered.

Most importantly, we all should keep this in mind, as per the hallucination at my onset, "Do no harm."

Bon Chance!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Them Apocalypses

Throughout the years, I mumble-jumbled about my apocalypses and how purgatorio, paradiso, and inferno all went adios, resurrected, went adios, etc.

The reality is that I have never really read the bible and I have no inkling what the Apocalypse was supposed to be like according to the bible.

I might have read a verse or two when I went with this friend to the Unfinished on the Bunny Day one year. If I recall correctly, they were talking about the story of how Moses led the Israelites to escape through the opening of the Red Sea, and how the the closing of the Red Sea drowned all Egyptians soldiers coming after them. I also know about famous verses like "In the beginning was the word" and "In the beginning God created heaven and earth ...." 

Shamefully, this is about as much text I have read in the Bible. My close-to-nonexisting exposure to the sacred text absolutely appalled one hard-core atheist friend (and I thought that he was about to un-friend me for it) because it is such a literary classic so beautifully composed.

Anyways, so, I spent the last 2-3 days finishing up reading Good Omens, where creatures were running around trying either to ensure that the Apocalypse takes place or to stop it from happening.

Then, it occurred to me how blessed I only had to live through and to revert them unannounced apocalypses one after another without the foresight that, "Odds fish! How on earth am I to prevent it from happening?"

One thing I figured from this book is that the purgatorio is definitely going to be gone with the wind upon the apocalypse. This leads me to wonder: since my apocalypses seemed to have overshot the apocalyptic criteria, perhaps my apocalypses are not the same as The Apocalypse and I should name them something else ... like ... Total Ec-lypses? 8-O