READ ME: About the Ratology Data

The original Ratology: Down with Meds blog was taken offline on Feb. 11th, 2008... about 2-3 days before my last hospitalization with 歡喜就好 the official end of da era.

The complete blog started in Feb. 2005 could be downloaded here: Down with Meds in PDF format. Ratology Reloaded. Ratology Reloaded is a continuation of this blog and it contains documentations up to present days. At this point, I feel I have saturated the data that I can offer.

It is one of my greatest dream throughout the years that someone could somehow find ways to make use of what I can offer.  Since this dream hasn't gone to far, I have started going back to a past I do not want to go back to analyze this gigantic dataset created by a monster called myself..... oops... 8-O lol

During the next phase of reloading, I will be posting the memos I take during the data analysis process and they could be found under the label memo.

Feel free to make use of the data I have gathered these past 5-6 years and let me know by leaving a comment to this post if you intend to use them for your project(s).

Down with meds: A revelation of Ratology: Why I blog
Ratology Reloaded: Why I blog

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