Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bad circulation in the head

Been knocked down by the cold for almost a week.  So I went to see my uncle the doctor who's been treating me since a kid.

He showed me a picture of my inner ear with blood vessels readily visible and explained to me that the reason why the vessels could be seen so clearly might have something to do with bad circulation.

The matter of the fact, I had always know that my blood circulation was no good since a kid with them cold feet.  Yet, the circulation department get even worst after the accident in 2007 and even worst in January 2011 after the body got broken again.

Yet, so say the experts... the pattern of the brain blood flow in schizophrenic patients are different than that of the normal.  For instance, as per RSNA press release: Blood Flows Differently Through the Brains of Schizophrenic Patients

"... compared to the healthy controls, the schizophrenic patients had extensive areas of hypoperfusion, or lower blood flow than normal in the frontal lobes and frontal cortex, anterior and medial cingulate gyri, and parietal lobes. These regions are associated with a number of higher cognitive functions including planning, decision making, judgment and impulse control.
Hyperperfusion, or increased blood flow, was observed in the cerebellum, brainstem and thalamus of the schizophrenic patients."

At the same time, existing research has also found abnormal brain blood flow pattern in patients with chronic pain.  For instance, in the article Brain perfusion abnormality in patients with chronic pain, the authors found:

"....decreased cerebral blood flow was observed in the dorsolateral prefrontal area (both sides, right dominant), medial (both sides), dorsal aspect of the anterior cingulate gyrus ociceptive cortex and lateral orbitofrontal cortex (right side).

So I thought.... good lord...

What might have contributed to the observation of my bad circulation in the head?  While, to be honest, how does it matter for me?  8-O lol

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

あたまコンクリート 阿他嗎konkurito

Yet another day あたま コンクリート (阿達媽konkuri).

In the middle of the night, I woke up wide awake and was sneezing up a storm. Couldn't get back to sleep and decided to take an additional 3-ish mg of Seroquel.

It knocked me down the entire day... in my mind I thought... 阿達媽 konkuri or adama konkuri or concrete head.

Not until just now did I realize... maybe my Taiwanese Japanese pronunciation of a concrete head has always been wrong?

It should actually be atama konkurito? Or, in Chinese writing, 阿他嗎 konkurito?

Unless, in Taiwan, it is just adama konkuri or 阿達媽 konkuri?

Ratology Reloaded: あたまコンクリート (阿達媽konkuri): Last night, when I was taking my medication, I happened to pick up one piece that was larger... The entire day today.... I feel...あたまコンクリ...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Six pointed Star- polyhedra origami from one sheet

Made one of the six pointed start last night as I attempted to live through one more day shutting the brain down- as per commend de my body since I have been working straight through and for more hours since the second setback in my bodily condition within a few days two weeks ago.

One thing I managed to do as I was doing my footsoaking while watch cartoons, I folded up a six-pointed star without referencing the official diagram of John Montroll- which I came across in the summer of 2007.

Although I wasn't able to recreate the exact same 6-pointed star designed by Mr. Montroll, what I managed to come up with does form the shape of a star with six points.... though messier version.

Decided to make one following Mr. Montroll's diagram to show you the differences.

Come to think about it... though the star I made without the diagram was not all that classy looking, at least, first time get a star form done without a diagram.  Not looking too close at it, does look like a nice 3-D star. Not perfect, good enough la! 8-O lol

The six-pointed star without the diagram
The messier 6-pointed star without the diagram.
The messier 6-pointed star without the diagram.

The six-pointed star based on the official diagram
Surely easier to make with the star more in shape with the diagram.

Surely easier to make with the star more in shape with the diagram.
Decided to see whether I could get the six-pointed star folded after trying it out referencing the official diagram... after the post.

Voila!  Ganze einfach!

After folding the star using them shining paper all these years, I tried it out with the ordinary kinda origami paper and came to the conclusion... The material of them shining origami paper suits better.