Monday, July 28, 2014

hard to write a book description

It's hard to write a book description.

I think the reason why it's difficult is because you are supposed to write that description to sell your writing to others.

So far in my life, I have only write to write rather write to sell.  A different skill I guess.

Book description trail - semi-thriller

Does this version sound too grandious?

What happens as one first encounters psychosis? What happens when psychosis becomes an ordinary part of life? Overwhelmed by persecution, I started to write and journal in response to the conspiracy theories surrounding me as early as in year 2000. What's to be revealed in Ratology Evolutions: Ratprincess's Psychotic Discourse is the journaling of a journey in the sea of psychosis, tainted by disordered thoughts and hallucinations. One thing to keep in mind when reading real-life journal is: "What portion of the discourse is in response to real (i.e., shared by others) events?" Be sure to stay centered for if you can't stay afloat in the sea of my madness, you might sink with me.

My personal account is littered with references to my cultural background, and coupled with a thoughtful, academic treatise which attempts to provide a more structured view of my journey. Readers will get a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of those living with mental health conditions, physical disabilities, and chronic pain. It could be a supplementary reading to those interested in psychosis including students and those in the mental health field.

Would it interest people? (I know ... I never really get comments even when openly solicit comments. 問也是白問。lol )

book description trail - journal

Although this book referenced to events in past psychotic episodes (e.g., Apocalypse) or daily life, one key notion the readers have to keep in mind when reading writing in my journaling format is: What portion of the discourse is in response to real (i.e., shared by others) events? If you can't stay centered, you sink into madness with me.

book description trials: fish

This is a story about my psychosis and me.
This is a story about the relationship between my psychosis and me.

I think, you think, everyone else think. But my psychosis is mute despite hallucinations. My psychosis is mute because it simply does its own thing.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Could I run, climb, dance, and bear weight again?

Could this line of technology also help my body to regain the ability to run, climb, dance and bear weight again , though all my limbs are intact--just the body pays no mind to my intention? A dream of mine. Fulfill-able? The question.

Good luck to projects alike to help those who can benefit it and end disabilities.
"Basic level of physical function should be a part of our human rights. Every person should have the right to live life without disability if they so choose."

Friday, July 25, 2014

A dream: Backpacking

On my way back from NYC to Taipei in April, I managed to get myself an extended layover (over 2 weeks) in Japan, landing at and exiting from the Narita Airport ... with a real luggage other than my backpack carrying my laptop, camera, two external hard drive, and essential documents.

I did an extensive though not as in-depth as possible trip in Japan. I went as far north as Kessennuma (氣仙沼) and Sendai, and saw work people put forth in the area affected by tsunami to rebuilt their cities and economy. I went as south as Miyajima in Hiroshima.  I also visited Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Tokyo, Narita, and stayed at 山中湖 Yamanaka-ko by Mt. Fuji.

Other than all the new experience (which will not be covered here), like in all other places on this planet, one consistent theme throughout the trip was the never-ending pursuit in search of a disability access and the detours I have to take to avoid stairs. lol

Moreover, a thrifty (necessary since I am selling all things off to pay my bills so as to get the book out) backpacker like me also would like to take the train into the Narita airport.  I did it with 3 steps.

1. I physically did a trip taking a tour from Narita to Narita airport to see whether there is an elevator going from the platform. I also walked all the way to the check-in counter to see how I might be able to carry my luggage, too heavy for me (though considered light by the others).
2. Since I had to get to the airport by 6-7 o'clock and the freaking hostel I stayed at was on the 3rd floor and without an elevator, plus less than "no service" provided by the owner, I actually troubled another guest to help me carry my luggage downstairs and stored the luggage at the locker of the train station the night before. This is because I won't find anyone to help me carry the luggage down and might not be able to get a cap 5 o'clock in the morning.
3. On the morning of the departure, I got to the station, got my luggage, took the JR train, arrived at the airport, put the luggage on the cart, wheeled it to the check-in counter, and checked in.

My body was a wreck and it took me weeks if not months to recover although ...

my dream since 2007 finally came true because I went backpacking  and I got myself to the airport the same thrifty way the other backpackers do.

Sure, a mental and physical handicapped like me should just stay home and be disabled. Yet, my dream came true.

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A dream: Mango Ice 芒果冰

Because of my bodily condition, I can not have ice or drink icy drinks and I haven't had anything icy since 2008.

Therefore, for years I had a dream. I wanted to try out this world famous Taiwanese Mango Ice 芒果冰, which I was too cheap to buy in my healthy days.

Finally, I went with two pals to Ice Monster bought myself one of the following bowls of ice.

I tasted something like 1-2 spool of ice and that was it. Unfortunately, albeit with hot water as the chaser, bodily pain emerge right after and I had to quickly take a hot shower and an Alleve to kill the pain.

Regardless, on July 8th, 2014, I bought myself Mango Ice 芒果冰 and get a dream fulfilled.

Only if the fulfillment of all dreams could simply be bought.

A dream: walking around with my laptop

I decided to carry my 3-pound laptop out with me today.  Didn't walk too far or too long but it is a great accomplishment, since I was tired out after my trip in Japan. It also fulfills yet another dream of mine: having the leisure and the ability to carry a laptop and do work wherever, like everyone else.

Regardless, on July 25th,, 2014, I made this dream come true despite of the short distance covered.

book description

I thought the introduction chapter was bad since you need to know what you are talking about in order to introduce the book.

Now I realize that writing book description is even worse since I will have to capture my ideas in even fewer words. 8-X

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My shrinking head

A new study found that other than ordinary aging, my antipsychotic medication might have contributed to the faster rate for my brain to shrink ... with me possibly having fewer brain cells and connections than normal.

They say that the shrunken brain has not been found to "have effect on people" such as cognitive capacity, although I wonder whether it's dependent on how cognitive capacity is defined.

Antipsychotic drugs linked to slight decrease in brain volume

Original article: Longitudinal Changes in Total Brain Volume in Schizophrenia: Relation to Symptom Severity, Cognition and Antipsychotic Medication

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Anyone have a recommendation for a self-publishing company?

Albeit with the clairvoyance that ain't nobody is gonna respond, I have this question to post to the world:

Anyone have a recommendation for a self-publishing company?