Saturday, February 25, 2012

OMG-- Done with Down with Meds before the accident

OMG... I can't believe it and I don't know how it happened...

Yet, I got done with Down with Meds before the accident, which means... done with the first iteration of editing etc for Down with Meds.  

Two months only but two months too long-- I would say.  Not to mention, when simultaneously I have to go through the dosage adjustment from 250 mg to 100 mg till having to cut down to 50 mg yet again.  8-X

Almost like... while nothing has happened, everything happened. 8-O lol

Now a soothing song to calm my two governments- body and mind- in the land of the morning star. lol

Exhaling... da journey down the memory lane.

Gotta thank that day time job of mine because it took my mind of Down with the Meds and that's why this first iteration could be done.

Will leave the second initialization till at least tomorrow.

Merciful mechanism

Came across an interesting quote de W.H. Auden on the Merciful mechanism:

"There is a merciful mechanism in the human mind that prevents one from knowing how unhappy one is. One only realizes it if the unhappiness passes, and then one wonders how on earth one was ever about to stand it."

Friday, February 24, 2012

Because sometimes a title is all you need... Princess Three Buckets de Aqua

So said the wise Puss... "because sometimes a title is all you need."

So I thought...  "I want a title, too!"

Yet, wait a minute... am I not already Ratprincess?

Maybe time for a Change... changing to something like Princess Three Bucket of Water....

Three bucket of waters... something I did in my much younger years when I would dip the cups into the first bucket with dirtier water and maybe with dish soap, dip them into the second bucket where the water less not so clean and the cups a bit clearer, and, dip them into the third bucket where both the water and the cups would be far cleaner than in the first bucket. (Guess no one would want to hire me to do their dirty dishes for them. 8-O lol)

All else I haven't done in life... I have done the three buckets of water thing.

So shall I be 三桶水公主 from now on except for... Princess Three Buckets of Water seems to be a name too long and Princess TBW sounds like an acronym far worse than PASW... for the formerly known as formerly known as SPSS.

So I had this genius idea.... So shall I be called Princess Three Buckets de Aqua or Princess TBA.  8-O lol

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Psychotic Girl

Ain't got no idea that there is a song for me...

The normal's worldview about-- also--- psychotic girl? 8-O lol

And, make sure you don't get lost in the world of the psychotic girl or that'd be Folie à deux 8-X lol

Psychotic girl - The Black Keys

Interesting song... interesting music... the music does pretty much captures how I feel most of the time when not much is going on in my head...

The next song I am looking forward to would be cripple girl...

Then, I shall be compact; I shall be full. 8-O lol

Sunday, February 12, 2012


This word came up in the conversation today... 歡喜就好.. as long as you like it...

Reminding me of the last post I made 4 years ago yesterday... the last post before was gone after the high wind of da snow storm on upper westside had my cover blown off- before it was resurrected last year with a past semi-blank- although it was a past lived and I am still living with it day by day with its residual- words, words, and never-ending words- attempting da 不可說 to narrate or da Pandora's box to unlock.

By this time in 2008, Ratology was no longer in existence and I had lived through one more sleepless night before I reached the ER bed and be sent to my psychiatric ward on wheelchair on da scary Valentines Day.

Though I reside not in the past (though been living with it word by word)- ouch- so I say.

(So it is the story of life... i frame within i frame- degenerate or not on the multidimensional planes.)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Psychotic without insurance?

I was really going towards the institutionalizable grade of psychotic back last fall.  Yet, first time since my onset, I didn't have insurance and didn't have a psychiatrist in NYC.

After a whole lot of running around, I finally was able to see a psychiatrist and get my Seroquel at the "Psychiatric Walk-In clinic" at the Metropolitan Hospital Center.  (If you are going to see a psychiatrist, please remember the "Psychiatric" part of it and make sure you get there by 7:30 or so to ensure you can get an appointment!)

For self-pay patients who don't have insurance, there are different options available to help you get a prorated rate.

If you haven't gotten your Medicaid, MetroPlus or HHC options up and running at the time when you need to fill your prescription, I will suggest you to fill it in the pharmacy inside of the hospital.  This way, once you get your prorated status ready, you can go to the patient account and discuss the plausible refund for the full amount you had to pay in advance.  (So I was told though I haven't done it before myself.)

Good luck and stay healthy in NYC.

Unfortunately, if you do need help, help is available however in lack of options you might feel!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back to Technoratology

Had this thought today... before RatologyTech was Technoratology, which was taken down almost 4 years ago now- the same time I took down Down with Meds-- A revelation of Ratology.

After realizing the technoratology is free fro grab now, I decided to bring it back to Ratology associations...

Reminding me of this quote:
"I have had to bury my real self-and now realize that bringing back that real self is going to be even more difficult than it was to bury it."(Sarton, 1988 cited in Charmaz, 1991)

Could have done a redirect but decided to keep it this way for, I guess, there is no means to redirect the past.  At least me ain't got that talent... lol

(This is cross-posted in

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The undead? 8-O

Back to work on Ratology: Down with Meds today after the break...

I thought Ratology: down with meds was dead and more dead than dead after I deleted my google account entirely two days before Valentines Day, 2008.

Just realized that.. its traces lingered-live online-- for all these years- as evident by the diagram below.