Friday, August 12, 2016

Science or STEM is very important

My head is wacko and I bow in front of the mental God.

One principle in my life is to entertain no nothing supernatural--especially I talk with God or Gods everyday and channeling with whatever I could channel with all the times.

Red alert! Add meds! You'd say.

I don't know that? I do. Except side effects kill me as much as the symptoms themselves. Catch 22.

After 2-3, whatever, years of daily writing and rewriting for the rewrite of the original book completed with far too many words in a volume, I finally dragged myself to the final chapter.

Then, suddenly, stop was the command issued by my cuckoo head.

I dived into the sea of natural science for the layperson ... astronomy, particle physics, neuroscience, etc.

Why does a layperson forsake the comfort of familiarity and step into the foreign domains?

My crazy head told me there were at least two reasons ....

I sound like a broken record to myself because I can come up with no nothing new with what's in my bandwidth. Learn something fundamentally new just as what some, if any, will do when reading my psychotic model book.

More importantly, time to be really grounded. Since the catch 22 is blatantly laughing at me in my face, science is where I have to ground myself so that I don't get pulled into the gravity free world of my alternative reality.


Science or STEM is very important whether it has anything to do with what you do for a living or not.

(Come to think about it, what do I do for a living? lol)