Saturday, July 15, 2017

Heat: Ratprincess' psychotic model 2013 and Happy New Ye...

Throughout the years, I have become ever more intolerant to heat. The threshold of getting overheated today has dropped down to around 26-27 degree Celsius.

If exposed to "too much" heat, my entire constitution becomes flaky, feeling like the system was to break down any moment. I have to ship my behind to an AC-ed environment, getting myself refrigerated like some dairy product. In one extreme case, my body didn't start sweating until almost 20 minutes after I entered an AC-ed environment. Yes, sweating is only the beginning of a journey to get myselves back to be normally fucked up... "Oh, paradiso."

This extra minor inconvenience in life called heat makes it a bit more cumbersome to maintain myselves to be functional for about 2-3 hours a day.  Well, what else could I do? Live with it.

Then, earlier on, I realized that I missed two events two days in a roll in my event-less life.

"Did I miss the gathering to get drunk last Saturday?" I exclaimed to myselves and the tofu inside the head froze in the aftershock.

The stillness of the silent freeze was broken by this fleeting thunder of quantum coherence and somewhere on that vibrating tofu my psychotic model waved at me, "Bull's eye!"

Even more limited has been my limited capacity when "Not otherwise specified" soundered. (See page 17 in the linked file.)

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