Tuesday, October 9, 2012

あたまコンクリート 阿他嗎konkurito

Yet another day あたま コンクリート (阿達媽konkuri).

In the middle of the night, I woke up wide awake and was sneezing up a storm. Couldn't get back to sleep and decided to take an additional 3-ish mg of Seroquel.

It knocked me down the entire day... in my mind I thought... 阿達媽 konkuri or adama konkuri or concrete head.

Not until just now did I realize... maybe my Taiwanese Japanese pronunciation of a concrete head has always been wrong?

It should actually be atama konkurito? Or, in Chinese writing, 阿他嗎 konkurito?

Unless, in Taiwan, it is just adama konkuri or 阿達媽 konkuri?

Ratology Reloaded: あたまコンクリート (阿達媽konkuri): Last night, when I was taking my medication, I happened to pick up one piece that was larger... The entire day today.... I feel...あたまコンクリ...

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