Monday, July 28, 2014

Book description trail - semi-thriller

Does this version sound too grandious?

What happens as one first encounters psychosis? What happens when psychosis becomes an ordinary part of life? Overwhelmed by persecution, I started to write and journal in response to the conspiracy theories surrounding me as early as in year 2000. What's to be revealed in Ratology Evolutions: Ratprincess's Psychotic Discourse is the journaling of a journey in the sea of psychosis, tainted by disordered thoughts and hallucinations. One thing to keep in mind when reading real-life journal is: "What portion of the discourse is in response to real (i.e., shared by others) events?" Be sure to stay centered for if you can't stay afloat in the sea of my madness, you might sink with me.

My personal account is littered with references to my cultural background, and coupled with a thoughtful, academic treatise which attempts to provide a more structured view of my journey. Readers will get a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of those living with mental health conditions, physical disabilities, and chronic pain. It could be a supplementary reading to those interested in psychosis including students and those in the mental health field.

Would it interest people? (I know ... I never really get comments even when openly solicit comments. 問也是白問。lol )

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