Tuesday, April 28, 2015

From Snowden to Ratology Risk Management Plan

Finally gotten all the main content set for the book about my psychotic onset in 2000-2001 yesterday--the original introduction chapter for the first out of 3 Ratology book..

Haphazardly, I came across this interview on Snowden today. Being in Taiwan, I didn't pay too much attention to the news when it first came out. I just knew some guy worked for the US government gave some some information and escaped to some European country.

After listening to the interview, I got some basic ideas about the whole Snowden affair and pondered .... "What's so secrete about it? I knew since Y2K that the governments, wherever I was, records everything about me except I don't know why, what they want to do about it, and how they are going to analyze the data."

There are benefits to it, personally. The FACT that every keystroke was monitored has given me a sense of relief.

In case something happen to me, things in my head would be lost but all the work I have put into the whole damn Ratology thing, all the writing, and all the data collected, will be retained.  

There are people with root accesses to all my accounts. It's a piece of cake to obtain and recover everything I have ever produced. To make it easier, I back ratology-related things up on various accounts in the cloud for fear of server problems on one of service providers. In terms of what they could do with them is beyond my bandwidth and will be none of my business at the point..

What if nobody ever gives a rats ass about me? At the very end, it'd be none of my business at that point just as, in this life, I am just stuck with my paranoid delusional belief. lol

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