Friday, July 9, 2010

Virtual generation atypical antipsychotic medication

Today, I read that time magazine has listed Farmville, a game I have been playing on facebook, as one of the 50 worst invention.

Interestingly, last night, I was pondering to myself about this thing I would call... "Virtual generation atypical antipsychotic medication"... or facebook games such as Farmville.

Cafe World

Or other online games alike.... that are...absolutely brainless, not all that exciting and involves this mechanism called click till you die... 8-O lol

I don't know what other people get from playing these games...

One thing I do know is that...

The what would otherwise be considered as boring tasks: cooking them dishes in Cafe World, growing crops in Farmville, collecting bonus/rewards through news feeds, sending and receiving gifts to facebook friends etc... definitely helps to slow and calm me down....

And, I thought, over a month now on 25 mg Seroquel only, my head somehow kept on getting clearer and clearer... In addition, after an entire year of struggling, now I finally could really read.  I now also feel more like I am in this world... (though... no doubt, I am still psychotic and my body could do things as abnormal as could be, which I have become accustomed to after these past two years...)

Maybe... part of it is the contribution of the "virtual generation atypical antipsychotic medication"? 8-O

How does it work?  I am not even gonna further entertain it since it defeats the purpose of having total concentration in brainlessness. 8-O lol

Does it really work?  How is it even my business anyway since my business is to find ways to live and..... especially when different things work for different people and the effects might even vary within the same person?

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