Thursday, December 8, 2011

Water Buffalo and yellow cattle

I have this vivid image in my mind...

My grandpa came up the slope accompanied by his yellow cattle (黄牛) which was pulling the wagon.

For the longest time, I somehow thought, well, since the rice field is watery and yellow cattle worked in the rice field, yellow cattle (黄牛) is the same as water buffalo (水牛).  Only to realize yesterday that water buffalo is not yellow cattle.

So I asked my mom about my grandpa's cow... the one I remembered...

My mom replied, "That one was yellow cattle.  You can't use water buffalo to farm the paddy fields because water buffalo love playing with water and, as a result, would not want to work."  8-O

I had no idea how valid my mom's statement was--- my uncle who really did quite a bit of farming might know better... lol

Yet, I took her words for it.

Regardless, my grandpa's cow looked like the yellow cow in the pictures... or maybe the color was a bit darker...

And, after googling around, I found this picture where a Taiwanese water baffulo was plowing away in the rice field...

Wait a minute... ain't that Mr. water buffalo working working hard in the paddy field?

Guess my mom is wrong...  lol

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