Friday, December 2, 2011

Your suggestions wanted

Been working really hard trying to get a book out of Ratology ever since I, out of nowhere, got sick on Black Friday, again, which makes it two years in a row to feel dead sick on Black Friday.

There are three reasons why I really want to get the book out:
  1. So that everyone I know would know that I am psychotic, neurotic and a smoker. 
  2. So that I can come up with a publication of some sort- to sort of filling the blank for the recent "yester-years."
  3. Most importantly, I kept on having this delusional belief that I have to get this book out to unstuck my life.
    At first, I was not quite sure why anyone in the right mind would want to buy a book with a whole lot of contents readily available to the public.  Yet, after I went back to read my own reading, I found myself a reason... because there were too many words and too much junk in between... 8-X

    So far, I have changed the table of contents a million and a time- with the scope of the book getting smaller and smaller, which is a good time based on lessons I learned from my dissertation.  Not to mention that, if nobody wants to publish the book, I will simply do self-publication, and, based on my experiences with my dissertation, the fewer words, the fewer pages, and, the cheaper it is to print the book out.  8-O lol

    Although part of me can't help asking this question, "Is it a good idea to publish a book like this before I secure a job?"  Keep it real.  Don't even know whether I can sell more copies of the book than my last book called dissertation.  Something less than 10 copies sold.  lol

    Although I hardly get anyone to come to this blog based on google stats, and, one of the postings people landed on most frequently nowadays is No comment, would love to hear from you on what this book could be other than showing me your "no comment" by visiting the "no comment" post (I get visits to the "No Comment post almost every other day- a post which I can't even locate myself in the dungeon of Ratology Reloaded-- at least, not until I did a google search using the keyword "No comment ratology"). lol



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