Sunday, May 6, 2012

New experience: Wedding

Something new I experienced for the first time in my life... I got a red invitation, gave a red envelop and sat in a wedding banquet in Taiwan.  Cool...

Then, I saw this cousin of mine... about same age and also single like a bird.

Somewhere around our conversation, I told him that it is my dream to run a 黑糖珍珠 shop if possible since they seem to be making a whole lot of money and I don't even need to worry about the tea thing with bubble tea because the ingredients of  黑糖珍珠 are bubbles cooked with brown sugar and milk.  (Something new I tried out and I love it!)

I talked about the wedding I went to with due excitements...

He was surprised... "You've got friends who get married now?"

"Someone from work."  So I replied.

"Because most people our age are either married or not intending to get married."

After I said maybe I should find a man to get marry to because I haven't done the getting married thing, so replied my cous, "You might want to find someone who can carry the bubbles for you instead."

"A robot might be?  They say robots are good at doing many things nowadays?!"  So I added.  (In my mind, R2-D2 carries the pot with perfect brown-sugar pearls from the stove, through whatever path it has to travel, deliver it to the shop and lifting the pot up and down as I request.  Though... I might have to learn to cook them pearls first.  lol)

Regardless, my cousin surely had it thought through far better than me- partially due to the fact that I never know how it is anyone else's business whether I get married or my all these years.  8-O lol

For people who are married and who are getting married, good luck to their marriage and may them be happily ever after.

For me, might be more real figuring out where to find the robot to help me carrying weights if one day I can run a  黑糖珍珠 shop that makes me mucha dinaro.... sweet... 8-O lol

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