Saturday, July 28, 2012

Great grand aunt

Had a great feast at a wedding banquet... with the unmentioned to and from the restaurant on the metro described by one word... "Pain." The thing about so busy being in pain is that all cognitive capacity was dedicated to pain perception and there was not much room spared for my psychotic symptoms.   At points, when my head get a break from pain perception, I did find voices trying to sneak in though such occurrences was pretty infrequent.

Can't blame it on God this time since it was me who came up with the brilliant idea of trying to "jump" since I haven't been able to jump since 2007--- and that was not really even a jump. 8-X sigh

One thing interesting about this feast is that... at some point, I realized that many of my cousins are already grand parents.... that would make me the grand aunt to many.... Not to mention the aunt to many almost around my age.

As I was telling my father this finding, he told me that, among the part of the family that did not come today, he is already the great-great-grand uncle (太).

So I thought... yours forever 21 has been a great-grand aunt (祖) for some time... then?  OMG.... 

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