Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Something I posted in my internal blog or my journal last night... realizing it is going to be 5 years since my broken chair accident.

That'd be it for my 5-year anniversary post.

Happy 6/19/2012, wherever you are!

Sincerely your crippling psychotic still at large on the road.

8-O 8-X lol

MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2012


Almost forgotten, but, it happened.... 5 years ago... 6/19.

The time is off by a good 12 hours... between New York and Taipei.

Officially speaking, it would be a few hours after tomorrow this time that the seemingly nothing more than embarrassing accident occurred.

Yet, 5x365x24=43800+24=43824-- counting 1 leap year in between.

Even if I am off by 24 hours, the error rate of 0.000547645 is far less than the conventional .01 level... even smaller than .001.

Think I can handle it.

Regardless, about Where is 偏見?

After I made that posting, I thought... I am either absolutely insane or over-sedated.

Regardless, from June 19th of 2007, from 2005 or from even earlier on....

It's a long trip to Where is 偏見? though the distance is short.. with the only thing it took... time and the minor inconveniences in life here and there in between.

Good morning, 6/19/2012.

Though, one thing I didn't have to worry about da mals... them damn zanzaras!

Where is 偏見?

Yesterday I spoke of 偏見 in Ratology at Heal, today someone came to visit Why post memo?


Someone else reading.

The reason why.

All things spoken already... alternatives to entertain.

If someone really reading, that someone or someones really know what has come out of my mouth better than me since I know it must have occurred somewhere in time just don't know when... 偏見.

Anyone if not anyones really reading all my internal blogs?

Good luck to him, her, it or them since I have no idea what the heck is coming out of my mouth most of times (the 99.99% principle)... let along what they mean... till it's time for the solution to unfold. 8-X

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