Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Preface for Down with Meds- A revelation of Ratology

When I first wanted to work on a book on my health condition, depression was the label I had with panic disorder the side dish.  The older I grew, en route to the collection of an academic credit or two, and, one diploma or two, I collected as well a label or two, if not more. 

At the same time, in the beginning, I had wanted to work on a fictional story- through the story of a fictional figure my own story to tell.  Later, after I documented my life all the way into the psychiatric ward through the first person narration, I wanted to analyze the texts and turn it into a methodologically sound qualitative study.  At the end, I decided to simply let who I was speaking for herself- in good times, in bad times and everywhere in between- with the preferred bad English of my own- a combination of vernacular, faux Archaic English and more.

While I might not be able to dazzle you with brilliance, I intend not either to baffle you with bullshit.  All I want to present to you, I guess, is the rite of passage through the reflections in Dasein when la dirrita via era smarrita. 

No man is an island- not even a longer like me.  The compilation of this book would not have been possible without the love, help and support from all the fine people I have come across throughout the years.  This book is, thus, dedicated to, in Taiwan, New York and beyond, my families and friends as well as all the acquaintances, who have shown me the bright side of life whenever possible (in my realities shared or not shared with the external world)! 

At the same time, were not for blogger, Ratology might not have had itself to me revealed- a word of thanks to the service provider- albeit the fact that I might be, to them, on the servers, 1s and 0s. lol

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