Monday, December 10, 2012

Nobody's gonna buy

Had a smoke as I arrived at the turning point of my daily walk...

These two young kids walked by and said something like, "Nobody's gonna buy."

Nobody's gonna buy the book?

A notion valid in both the reality and my delusional reality.

Immediately I thought of the commercial Jeremy Lin did for Volvo...

So the commercial ended with this statement in Chinese, "我是林書豪。我超越的是我自己。" (I am Jeremy Lin.  I surpass myself.)

So I thought and think... I am Ratprincess... I surpass myselves and beat my own record...

Also... less than 10 copies sold for my first book... da dissertation... A theory-based usability study- and never cited, I think.... 8-X

Yet, think I have, so far, identified at least 10 friends to buy the DWM book, which yet has to find someone to publish.... Regardless, should be sufficient in surpassing my own record?  Surely much easier to be Ratprincess than Jeremy Lin. 8-O lol

Go Jeremy Lin!  Go! Go! Go!

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