Thursday, December 20, 2012

Peanut brittle

My friend came to visit and I tried to show him around town... At some point, I was trying to explain the dessert originated from the town where I was born...

I was trying with all my might to explain that one of the ingredient for the dessert was made of caramel and peanuts...  with that thing looking mighty like this...

The discussion might have got a bit loud between the two of us... and these two nice English speaking girls came over and said... "It has ice cream and peanut brittle inside."

To be more exact, it is a dessert sort of like a wrap with ice cream and shaved peanut brittle inside.

Back at home, as I was clicking away with my Bejewel blitz... I came to my mind... "Peanut brittle?"

Might have heard of this term but it has never been in my dictionary. lol

Gotta thank the nice girls from introduce this word into my dictionary.

Next time when I give people a tour in Taiwan and see the same dessert, I will be able to explain to them, "That dessert is sort of like a wrap with ice cream, celantro and shaved peanut brittle inside."

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