Monday, May 5, 2014

A few words on the final version of the Ratology Book

I have wasted my life away plowing through with the Ratology Book: Ratprincess' 11-copy book--trying to get it done after having all contents edited by copyeditors 3 times and more iterations by me's, myselves, and I's.

Then, I realized that the styles I have applied to the main text were exhibiting abnormal behaviors. This is it. If it's not because there is a ghost in my computer, it means God is sending me a message--that's it ... whether I believe in ghosts or God.

This is not putting me in a good mood especially after draining myself all these years in all capacity.

As a result, I have decided that there are 4 possible versions of the book

  • Version 1. A book with the front and back cover without words.
  • Version 2. A book with the preface section only where you will find only two words: 有鬼
  • Version 3: A book with only the prologue section where you will find the documentation leading up to my onset
  • Version 4: A book with the majority of the content except stripping the entire model because I don't have the energy to reapply styles to each every post so as to link to them to back up the argument in the model
  • Version 5: A book containing all content available today except the gaps are none of my business to fill

Given the way it goes and the reality that the style shown on the side panel is in-congruent with what is shown on the stylesheet, it's very likely that, by the end of this project, I will only be offering you a book without words. It just seems like God's will that version 1 is the preferable version independent of all things.

C'est ca.

Heading remain

Heading Gone

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