Friday, May 16, 2014

A lady, big love sign, and Niagara Falls

For years, I searched and searched for the text of a short story I read, possibly, as a freshman in college.

All that I recalled was a young lady, a guy, a motel/hotel with a big love sign, a trip involving a tube or something alike going down the Niagara Falls.

I think I even went in person to the public library by the Niagara Falls and contacted them through email to see whether they might know of the story. All attempts failed.  Might have something to do with the fact that I ain't got no inkling about the author name and the title--other than what I could recall.

Like how I felt about Françoise and her headless chicken de Proust, as time goes by, I am starting to doubt whether I really read that story.

Then, earlier tonight, I found my notebooks from the college years on a bookshelf. In one of the notebook, adjacent to the page where the author name Margaret Atwood appeared was a page where I found the name Emma (possibly a fictional figure who had encountered near-death experience as per my notes).

Ended up, after decades of searching and searching, there really is a short story written about "a lady, big love sign, and Niagara Falls." (Gotta admit that there were even errors in the limited amount of info that I could recall. lol)

So, that text I have been searching for like a headless fly is "The Whirlpool Rapids" by Margaret Atwood.

P.S., Love the word sauntering used in the text. No wonder I am a two-bit nothing amateur capable only of producing limited my words. lol 8-X

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