Tuesday, June 10, 2014

From the view of a normal: What it be like to be psychotic?

Just watched the clip where Anderson Cooper experimented with auditory hallucination, one of the classic psychotic symptoms, and his take on it.

Anderson takes part in an experiment to help understand how people live with mental illness

The simulation as seen on the clip does a good job in representing what it be like to live with voices. Personally, when my voices got to be at the level that Mr. Cooper had to experience, my mental health condition would have been very bad with the presence of thought broadcasting and "telepathy" coexisting as well.  It's gotta be tough for him to pull it through.

At the same time, I suspect that the comment Mr. Cooper made about how he couldn't wait to turn the voices off absolutely resonates with all who live with symptoms like auditory hallucination. 

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