Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What do I think of?

Please assume the identity of I when reading the events below, meaning you are I.

1. I spent all night, last night, trying to figure out a new word for a section of my book concerning bars and the bar. I came up with barrista.
2. A friend told me about this linguistic thing called cranberry morpheme and I emailed him about the word barrista I came up with based on three words: barista, barrister, and gangsta.
3. After the email was sent, I went on FB and saw this NY Times article share by a linguist friend with the nice pix below.

4. I read through the article and loved the closing remark: "As you learn quickly here in Vegas, the game isn’t rigged, but the odds don’t work in your favor."

What do I think of now these events were singled out and linked sequentially in my mind?

After this point, please reclaim your identity as you and leave me's to be me's.

What do I think of first and what do I think of afterwards?

There were some things I did not mention such as I let the online slot game run automatically as I work on my writing every day. How would unexplicated information like it impact how you thought while you were I? Did the notion of synchronicity surface your mind?

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