Monday, June 15, 2015


Since I am still trying to get my books out and there is a feeling that my whole body is decaying in the speed of light, I start to all things to keep the writing process and my body moving.

Then, the notion of chakra came upon me and I got matching stones placed on my 7 chakras in the night. (Yes, I am crazy but whatever works to get the writing done.)

This morning, when I tried to go back to sleep after a toilet break, I laid the stones in their usual locations, placed my right hand up on my pillow, and tried to sleep.

Suddenly, the clear crystal standing between my eye brows jumped into my hand. Whether I was dreaming about it or not, I went on trying to get back to sleep.

Then, I found articles like this.

UV enabled movement? Lord, I was in bed trying to sleep.

Strange things happen to me all the times but this one crystal jump got my attention---my bed is far from the windows, and should the UV hypothesis holds, doesn't it mean I have to wear sunscreen even when sleeping?

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