Saturday, May 14, 2016

This program will go on--David Brown

[David Brown's] brother asked him several weeks ago what would happen if something went wrong on their mission .... David replied, 'This program will go on.' (See linked page.)

I was on the 8th floor of St. Luke's when the Columbia Shuttle was reported missing upon re-entering the earth atmosphere. It was February 1st, 2003. One otherwise ordinary Saturday.

There was still hope and the search went on. So they said on TV.

There was this choking air of solemness inside the psychiatric ward and nobody was laughing.

I finally connected with the crew members and told them to hold on till the rescuers to arrive.

"Hang on!" I stayed with them. "Do hang on."

On TV, the search was still going on as I looked outside the window. I stared at the snow covering St. John the unfinished, praying for a safe landing before getting reconnected with the crews.

The clock was ticking and the hope of their survival dwindled rapidly till the time came when all hope was lost and the bad news, released.

I stayed with them till the end ... till it was time for them to go.

I failed to help them despite my best effort.

Years later, when revisiting this unfortunate event, it occurred to me ... I might not be the only one channeling with them and trying to keep them alive. So might be any of my wardmates with telepathic capacity on that wing of the 8th floor, my distant wardmates in the other wing, and many many more unknown wardmates all around the globe.

I would never be able to imagine the grief and suffering their families must have gone through.

But, however it is perceived, we, the psychotics, tried to keep the crew members alive till they are found by the rescuing efforts--in our own worlds.

The Space Shuttle Columbia didn't make it to Hubble Telescope's fourth service mission in 2004.

But, as David Brown had it predicted and all on board would have agreed, 'This program will go on.' The fourth service mission to Hubble took place in 2009.

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