Thursday, May 5, 2016

Why persist? (Darn, go and pursue happiness.)

It sounds funny from a depressive neurotic like me but people have to learn to be happy.

Either it's you who make the choices or the choices make you. Your choice is yours and, at the end of the day, you are the key maker to your own happiness.

So, pardon this two-bit nothing for not minding her own business, shut the F-up and move your behind to pursuit happiness, via professional help or not.

I feel like a piece of shit in the body, including the head, everyday. I slave away by my own constitution and had to be overdosed by 50 mg of Seroquel, flipping around like a freaking fish on a cutting board. I find a sense of happiness at some point in my day.

On the day when I had to wake up early to see my shrink and observe people's persistence to go against the path towards happiness, I have to shout it out loud, I am sick and tired of it all and I can't take it any more--why don't them people correct their own track and, Lord or Buddha or the benign universe or etc., go and pursue happiness! Wake up! Wake up! Don't they know they are witnessing themselves getting a bad haircut?

If this piece of shit could find a sense of happiness in the everyday things, how can anyone else with a far more functional body not able to do it?

OMG, I am the one who's psychotic and started my mental career as a depressive!

(Time for my daily meds.)

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