Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can't read

Twice in a day, this topic of "can't read" came up after I logged for myself yesterday in my private journal that now I am finally regaining my ability to read again in baby steps.

So I have been saying... it is this kind of never-ending synchronicity that got me stuck in my psychotic state.

A blessing in disguise... nowadays.. I only have memory the size of an atom.... would be nicer if it were the size of peanuts.


The materials I can process now while at the onset of relearning to read... still relatively selective... mostly related to the maintenance of my beauty and health... such as...




How much do I believe in the things I now finally can start reading?

Well... as long as I don't have allergy... it ain't gonna do me any harm to be spraying on me myself some Aqua Rosa Italiana, I guess... 8-O lol

Well... shall I be right...  my ability to read is slowly coming back.... what I might need to figure out... how to learn to use this skill without breaking myself... yet, again, apart.....

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