Monday, November 28, 2011

I've been insane for 60 years

I went to my psychiatrist today.

In the waiting area, this older gentleman sat down next to me and started to engage in a conversation with the guy two seats away from me.

"So they say... I've been insane for 60 years.  I am 80 today."

Although I was watching TV at that point, I did overhear this statement...

I turned around and looked at him... in admiration and in awe...

So I said to him, "Wow... 60 years..." (A reaction plausibly too buzzard for the normal people to comprehend, I suspect, because even I find this reaction tres buzzard.)

He must have some really deep understanding about his own condition....and, not to mention, what a task, having lived 6 decades with his condition.

You see... this is why I always say that I am only a fledgling psychotic because I have only been psychotic since Y2K.... (that would make my head not Y2K compliant? 8-O)  only a bit over a decade... Hard to imagine having to live through all the ups and downs for another 5 decades... (and, let me not look too far or I might trip... 8-X)

So, I sat next to him till he went in to see the psychiatrist... feeling like a fledgling chick next to a rooster.  8-O

Coming to see the psychiatrist on his own at the age of 80..... though I don't know much about him... including his diagnosis... so thought yours with a stick... that's a hero.

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