Sunday, August 10, 2014

Who is the audience and why?

My friends' comments made me worried.

The book, even with DWM itself as a book, is too long.

Feedback from both sources resonates with a question I have been asked far too often: Who is the audience?

My answer now is: The audience is the research community. The purpose as getting the dataset published so as to reach those who might be interested in making use of the data.

I believe the dataset could do some help. It's just I won't be the person to analyze my own data.

Essentially, I am publishing DWM as a book in search of the people who can make use of it, find implications based on it, and help my fellows and I with it.

Come to think about it, from the beginning of my blogging era, what I have been doing is sending the SOS to all the researchers on psychosis on the planet and beyond.

"This is what I can offer. Please take what I can offer, turn it into Gold ... into real-life implications.  Help us, including me, and help us to help ourselves."

Can you hear me now? 8-O

From craving and meaning
Let me still be researchable.
Let me be that row in your dataset.
Let me be that dot in your analysis.
Let me hope that to be a useful dot in your sea of data. Outlier or not.
Let me give you the burden of understanding our collective being for I might have stopped kicking before we get to connect the dots.
Let you be my extended cognition to off set some of my meaning craving so that I could go back to my life working on deadlines to be made and tasks to be accomplished (including finding a good paying job and a rich husband who lets me use my money lol).

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