Sunday, April 25, 2010

Foot soak and sleeping

I tried out soaking my feet with ginger for a change Friday night since... all of a sudden, I started to have this salty sense in my mouth every time I feel cold air coming out from the bottom of my tongue.

It makes me feel warm and... forgotten already.

Yet, one lesson I learned for myself... ginger foot bath or bath might help others sleeping but it doesn't help with my sleeping... had problem falling asleep and sleep through the night.

I soaked my feet in used tea bags and tea leaves... and two drops of essential oils containing ingredients lavender and rosemary instead last night... Don't quite remember how easy it was for me to fall asleep... one thing I do know... I slept for something like a good 10 if not 11 hours...

Real lesson learned, I guess, for me... different things work for different people and we simply have to find what works for ourselves...

And, again, what really worked?  Not my issues no more... as long as I sleep like a baby.

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