Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sleep etc

Major things in my life since last posting...

  1. Decreased Seroquel dosage
  2. Sleep problem
  3. Sudden decrease in smoking after I got myself so shit-faced that I spent an entire day and night worshiping the procelain God  
I have never had any problem sleeping until last year...  Don't I miss them golden years of precious ignorance? sigh

First, I started having problem falling asleep...  Then, in my recent times, I started to wake up multiple times during the night.  

Medication... medication.... much of my sleep-related blah blah blah is associated with Seroquel...

At the same time, the sudden decrease of the number of cigarettes I smoke... (2 smokes a day not instead of a pack or so) might also play a role in the sleep problem.  At the same time, something tells me to stick to 2 cigarettes a day for a bit longer because "this might help the system to get back to homeostasis" - so something has me told.

Since the dosage of Seroquel is lowered again
  1. more alert or awake during the day time
  2. cold air overflowing through out my body and annoyingly coming out of my mouth.  Extremely uncomfortable
  3. energy overflowing with a puff or two of cigarette or walking.... as two of the remedies known to me by now   
  4. it seems like, right after the dosage get decreased, my body would get into problem again such as pain, walking problem etc. At this point in my life, since there ain't no nothing I could do about it, I just let my body do whatever it has to do as long as I am kicking... 8-O lol sigh 
  5. sleep disruption is something that has been driving me up the wall.  The problem I face is that... I would keep on waking up... some nights I would wake up 5-6 times over the duration of a 7- hour or so sleep.  This is pure suffering.  
Since sleep problem is a known side effect of reducing Seroquel dosage and since I don't really want to get into the habit of taking sleeping pills unless necessary, I have to try out something else.  Following are the things that I have been trying so far...
  1. Drink Herbal Tea: Peppermint, Chamomile, and... after the sleeping problem got worst, I got this Yogi Tea Bedtime which contains herbs known to help sleeping and relaxation such as Valerian Root, Passion Flower, Chamomile Flower, Skullcap Leaf, St. John's Wort Leaf Flower, English Lavender Flower, Stevia Leaf
  2. Foot soaking: I add Epsom salt and all the tea bags left from the day time into a pot of hot water and soak my feet.  I started using this Rite Aid brand of Lavender Epsom salt two days ago and... wow... that wonderful smell itself gave me a buzz... 8-O lol
  3. Body lotion: Lavender.... Lavender... Lavender... Lavender... at least upper body... at the same time, my body is getting so spoilt that... if the scent is not right, I can't sleep with it.  For instance, cookie or orange/tangerine kind of smell used to work but no longer work in helping me falling asleep.   Therefore, I am not gonna buy you unless I can sleep with you... my new policy with body cream... So far, I can sleep with bodyshop and Crabtree and Evelyn.  (Maybe I really am a princess... sort of like... the princess and the peas?!  At the same time, never in my life working so hard trying to figure out who to sleep with 8-O lol)
  4. Make sure enough nicotine in the system before going to sleep... 
I finally woke up this morning feeling that there is some improvement in my sleep... I woke up only twice before I have to get up to work as opposed to 5-6 times.

At the same time, believe it or not, the whole foot soak thing and tea thing do seem to help me feel sleepy even before taking Seroquel.

What exactly worked or happened?

At this point in my life, not my issue.  

Though I do ponder at times... Am I getting crazier or not?

Abridged status update.

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