Saturday, November 6, 2010

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)

I went to see my rehab doctor who also uses the Qi thing to monitor my body.

He suggested me to use 備長炭 to shield myself against radiation from the computer because I am hypersensitive to radiation.

I know I am very well-endowed.  I know I am sensitive to qi.  I know that every time I had an MRI scan my body will fall into pieces.  However, this is the first time somebody tell me that I am hypersensitive to radiation.  8-O

Came across this posting and the concept of Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), which absolutely reminds me of some experience I had earlier on in the year...

Home Wireless network:

My neighbors wanted to split the cost for my internet connections.  To save a buck or two, I set up a wireless network in my room so that they can share it.

After the neighbors were gone, I turned the wireless off and I had this feeling that something is "cleared."  Like what many others have mentioned.

Battery charger

I wanted to recharge my batteries and plugged in the charger.  When it started charging, I felt something strange... just wired and not very nice kind of feelings.  Afterwards, every time I charge the batteries, I will get out of the room, move away and some hang somewhere else.


I used to be able to have the TV on in the background and do my thing on the computer.  I don't know starting from when... sometimes, I will have to turn it off and it will feel much better.

In addition, if I get too close to TV, sometimes, I will have to walk back some distance before I feel comfortable enough.


I remember vividly the day right before I went into the psychiatric ward the second time.

At some point, this voice must have told me to shut all electronic devices down... including the computer that locates right next to where my head is next to my bed.   (Bad thing... now it seems...)

My sister who also lived in Flushing came checked on me because my mom was worried.

I would not open the door.

When I finally opened the door and when she wanted to go online to check on some office work, I would not allow her to turn it on.

Maybe, she eventually got it switched on or maybe not.  Forgot already.

In retrospective, one thing I would say is... perhaps... my voices and delusions were right along the way? 8-O lol sigh

Cell phone

I am one of the last person on this planet without a cell phone and, to be honest, I don't really like handling cell phones unless necessary because there is something I could feel.

For all these years, my mother and everyone else has been trying to pursuad me to use a cellphone.  My excuse has always been... I am already in front of a landline and on the computer the entire day.  Why do I need a cellphone?  8-O lol

If I am really EHS, maybe this is a good thing that I followed my intuition and resisted the peer pressure? 8-O lol

Of course, there might be one day when I really need to get a cellphone.  At that point, guess I would have to really make sure I don't use it unless necessary.

When did it start?

Maybe I was born sensitive to begin with.  However, I suspect that it was not until the accident in June 19th, 2007 when the hypersensitivity got intensified.... guess... the change in the energy field might have resulted in some changes in the magnetic field in my body? God knows and.. whatever.... 8-O lol

So how am I dealing with using computer right now?

Before I get 備長炭, from last night on, I found this towel containing the ingredient called 竹炭, and I hang the towel right before my chest... sort of looking like what you do when trying to feed babies.... 8-O lol

Does it make me feel better?

I guess... sort of... regardless.

At the same time, another question I have...

If there really is such thing called Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), what it means is that Electromagnetic fields could have impact on people.  Does it mean the non-EHS are not affected by then just because one is not hypersensitive enough to experience its immediate impact?

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