Monday, November 1, 2010

Seroquel withdrawal

I have a theory-- a lot of things I experienced in the past two years have something to do with Seroquel... even with the qi theory applied...

Following are some of the physical symptoms I think might be related:
  1. Esophagus spasm, 
  2. Dry mouth: so dry that the walls of esophagus would stick together, 
  3. The never ending coldness coming out from all over the body, the head, the mouth and ears, nose, and ears at times
  4. The bouts of hot flashes... 
  5. The cycling between hot and cold... provided... not yet menapause 
  6. Sleep problems
  7. Shaking of the body
  8. Yawning and tearing
  9. Sneezing
The coldness and yawning thing I still can not shake after almost 1.5 to 2 years... I think... Hope I could shake the ice-age at yawn off soon...

A google search returns many results from patients going through similar kind of complain...

At the same time, apparently, many other drugs could give you similar kind of experiences.. legal or illegal such as cocaine.

God bless us all going through or having gone through the withdrawals or dosage changes of any.

Hopefully, soon we all shall see the light in the end of the tunnel just as many others who were also in the tunnel before...

Cold chills


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