Monday, November 1, 2010

Slightly schizophrenic 輕微的精神分裂

Went to see the psychiatrist today...

Told him that I am on a qua of 25 mg...

"So little?" So he commented.

"Ya... so little.  Do I still need to be medicated since I am taking so little meds?"

"Do you still have hallucinations?"

"Ya.  They pop up once in a while."

"You still need meds.  Maybe you should go on with the whole pill."

"No... I don't want to because, on days when the qua is bigger... I am all zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the entire day."

"You still have 輕微的精神分裂 (mildly or slightly schizophrenic?).  Keep your meds."

Walked out from the office... so I thought to myself...

輕微的精神分裂.... mildly or slightly schizophrenic?

Wow... isn't it so wonderful... only slightly....really nice...

I was all excited and I got home happily announce the news... except for... oops... other people seem to be seeing it differently... more or less like... "Oh... so sad... schizophrenia..." 8-O

Anyways, I am happy about being mildly or slightly schizophrenic as opposed to anything more than mild or slight.

I want to try my best to keep it mild and slight.... wishing for one day... when all symptoms could go into remission all the way till I stop kicking at the age of 90+ years old living a good life and in good health... 8-O lol

Whatever it takes... even if it means I have to let go all conventional pursuit in etc.

This is a perfect example why sometimes it is better to have less.... 8-O lol

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