Thursday, January 6, 2011

How do you live with a mental case

I have been living by myself all these years before and after I went psychotic.

Concerning depression, well, I had my full-blown depression as early as when I was in junior high school... Apparently, still alive...

Anyways, it was not until I came back these past few months did I realize that...

I live pretty well with a mental case (moi) since I managed to go in and out of the hospital for only 3 times this past decade.

Unfortunately or fortunate for them, my family has never had to live one.  As a result, they don't know how to live with one... I think...

Worst of all, even though I know how to live with a metal case called myself.... I don't know how to teach them to live with a mental case other than living as it? 8-O lol

Could it be... an alternative manifestation of da thing called re-entrance phenomena? 8-O

(Of course, above and beyond da blah blah blah... me possibly also do not know how to live with them... 8-O lol)

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