Friday, February 24, 2012

Because sometimes a title is all you need... Princess Three Buckets de Aqua

So said the wise Puss... "because sometimes a title is all you need."

So I thought...  "I want a title, too!"

Yet, wait a minute... am I not already Ratprincess?

Maybe time for a Change... changing to something like Princess Three Bucket of Water....

Three bucket of waters... something I did in my much younger years when I would dip the cups into the first bucket with dirtier water and maybe with dish soap, dip them into the second bucket where the water less not so clean and the cups a bit clearer, and, dip them into the third bucket where both the water and the cups would be far cleaner than in the first bucket. (Guess no one would want to hire me to do their dirty dishes for them. 8-O lol)

All else I haven't done in life... I have done the three buckets of water thing.

So shall I be 三桶水公主 from now on except for... Princess Three Buckets of Water seems to be a name too long and Princess TBW sounds like an acronym far worse than PASW... for the formerly known as formerly known as SPSS.

So I had this genius idea.... So shall I be called Princess Three Buckets de Aqua or Princess TBA.  8-O lol

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