Saturday, February 25, 2012

OMG-- Done with Down with Meds before the accident

OMG... I can't believe it and I don't know how it happened...

Yet, I got done with Down with Meds before the accident, which means... done with the first iteration of editing etc for Down with Meds.  

Two months only but two months too long-- I would say.  Not to mention, when simultaneously I have to go through the dosage adjustment from 250 mg to 100 mg till having to cut down to 50 mg yet again.  8-X

Almost like... while nothing has happened, everything happened. 8-O lol

Now a soothing song to calm my two governments- body and mind- in the land of the morning star. lol

Exhaling... da journey down the memory lane.

Gotta thank that day time job of mine because it took my mind of Down with the Meds and that's why this first iteration could be done.

Will leave the second initialization till at least tomorrow.

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