Sunday, February 12, 2012


This word came up in the conversation today... 歡喜就好.. as long as you like it...

Reminding me of the last post I made 4 years ago yesterday... the last post before was gone after the high wind of da snow storm on upper westside had my cover blown off- before it was resurrected last year with a past semi-blank- although it was a past lived and I am still living with it day by day with its residual- words, words, and never-ending words- attempting da 不可說 to narrate or da Pandora's box to unlock.

By this time in 2008, Ratology was no longer in existence and I had lived through one more sleepless night before I reached the ER bed and be sent to my psychiatric ward on wheelchair on da scary Valentines Day.

Though I reside not in the past (though been living with it word by word)- ouch- so I say.

(So it is the story of life... i frame within i frame- degenerate or not on the multidimensional planes.)

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