Friday, July 1, 2011

How do normal people think?-- revisited

Something gets me really bewildered is... why do the search engines lead people to this old post of mine when seeking out for an answer about how do normal people think?

Sometimes I feel really guilty because it feels as if the title of the posting is misleading... mislead people to believe that da click might take them an answer of some sort.

One thing I know and I recall is that-- about two years ago or maybe since even longer time ago, I desperately want to know how normal people think so that I might be able to train myself thinking like a normal.

Two years later, I still don't know how normal people think.

Yet, I have entered a state within which I don't quite care about how them normal think anymore--- though not quite sure whether it is a good thing or a bad thing... 8-O 8-X lol

Pour quoi?

Well, first of all, can normal people give me an answer when I pose this exact question to them?  Don't quite think so.

Second, even if the normal can tell me exactly how they think, is it feasible for me to train myself to think like them?  Don't quite think so either.

Third and last, how is it my business how the normal think when they don't quite give a rodent's behind about how yours abnormal thinks other than, plausibly, them people studying about the psychology of the ab-normal?

Thus, the solution unfolds so far concerning "How do normal people think?"

I give up on wanting to be normalized as well as the pursuit to entertain the thinking of the normal at this point. 8-O 8-X lol

I do envy the normal, though, to a certain degree, because- call it ab-normal-centrism if you wish-- the question of "How do normal people think?" seem to bear so much more at the questioner's end than "How do abnormal people think?"

(A posting that I have been drafting in mind for months.)

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