Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I am most afraid of nowadays

I knew this discomfort before... something far worse than aches and pains along...

Then, I was stuck by it almost all week last week and it got back again these two days...

Feeling as if the head was to explode and-- an invisible wall-- at least two feet away from the outside world.

The pressure is high inside of that skull of mine-- so tight-- and so aggravating the discomfort.

Somehow, the high pressure seems to have invaded the territory for da peanut-size cognitive capacity of mine... making it even more difficult to perform cognitive processing.

The ear-ringing- bang bang bang- was coming back to stay as well...  And, many a time, the banging did come back to revisit.

Even headache also come pitching in to the potluck.

Worst of all... no meds can help alleviating any of it and nobody can tell me why it happens.

What could I do?

Live with it.... I guess... since what else could be the alternative? 8-O lol

What I am most afraid of nowadays... worst than pains and aches along. 8-X

You don't understand still-- based on my descriptions?  That's fine... not only limited are my words... I wouldn't have understood it either before...

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