Monday, July 4, 2011

How I walked on April 15th

As I was browsing through some old pictures, I came across some clips I asked my sister to take when she came to visit on April 15th.

I had wanted to show these clips to my doctors because I simply could not and still can not understand why my body moved the way it did or... does.

Didn't really get the chance to show my doctors...

Although my condition in this clip is far better than how it was in the January, February or even March, I was still having quite some issues in the moving department.

It didn't look good and I didn't feel quite so well either.  Yet, I kept on moving and moved some more.

Today is July 4th.... two months and half later... the pains and discomfort have, hopefully, lessen... though some days things are still really bad.

Can't tell you whether my walking looks better now than then either... 

One thing I know is that.. I can now walk for longer distance-- for instance, I walked from 111th down to 93rd street and back today... one more block from yesterday.

All else I can do not... one thing I am trying to do now is to build more endurance one step at a time.... till hopefully, one day soon, I can be uncaned again.

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