Sunday, November 20, 2011

A question about the plausible "Big Love"

This short story I read back in my undergrad year kept on popping into my mind once every so often.

It might have been a short story titled "The Big Love," "Big Love," or not. 8-O  lol

In a nutshell, there was a young lady working at a hotel with a huge love sign by the Niagara Falls.  One day, she signed up to be a tester to ride a tube down the fall.  After the initial trial, out of all testers, only two people survive: this young lady and another guy.  Thereafter, something changed in this young lady and, if I recall correctly and chances are I might be wrong (speaking of eyewitness testimony), she went on a mission seeking for the big love.

Though it ain't like so many people read my blog according to the stats... yet, for those who come to this blog, can someone give me the title of the short story and the name of the writer by posting a comment?

(And, this is just damn eerie... as I was trying to google up the answer before drafting this post, someone else in Taiwan access this posting I made almost 3 years ago also about the Big Love at PM 9:42 Taiwan Time.... Don't quite think that was me myself since I am not using Chrome on Linux.  Though... whatever...)

Update: Finally got my own question answered in May of 2014: A lady, big love sign, and Niagara Falls

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