Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Done with January 2008

Finally got done with January 2008.

Just started a full time job on Boxing day...

Among the job, the exercises and physical therapy, making sure I don't get myself in trouble in any other capacity, and, sleep, I really don't have much time per day allocated to work on the book.  Yet, I make sure I go through a bit of it everyday.

Just so happen, I took a good fall on new year's day and now I have to stay low for a bit till the ankle and the body heal a bit more...

Just so happen, as a result, I get a bit more time on my hand and I pushed through January 2008 today.... with that month ended with true and free expressions of insanity-- my dear words.

To be honest, the days going towards the Valentine's day of 2008, I still can't process too much of it per day, anyways.  It actually is a blessing that I get other kind of research topic to work on during the day time.

Call me useless... 4 years apart, still too close to home.

Yet, I am moving and moving on....

And, I will get it done. (God bless.... 8-X)

(Why do I want to get it done?  I don't know... I just feel I have to get it done.  Sort of like.. for years... I just had to blog and now I just have to get the book out...  It's just the way it is. 8-O)

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