Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, wherever you are!

I was going to write some reflection kind of stuffs except for-- a change of plan since a benchmark of my life just occurred- one of the first major thing I accomplished on the New Year's Day of 2012.

Downtown Taipei on the side walk of the busy street of Zhongxiao east road, I took my first fall since June 19th of 2007.... It was an extremely ugly one because, when people rushed to help, I found myself landed on my back with the left ankle sort of sprang.

How did it happen?  I took a picture because I saw a beautiful star.  After I took the picture and when I was wondering whether any of the pictures would be good, I felt something funny on the step that I took- there was no floor 8-O- while the next thing I found was that I was lying on my back on the floor.

So it is the story of my life... no moderation... either too much or not enough. 8-O lol

Apparently, there was a step to get to the sidewalk- which I would have found any other ordinary days when simply focusing myself on walking.  Unfortunately, I might have become too cocky nowadays and was trying to do too many things at one time- namely, trying to think whether the pictures would be good and to walk at the same time.

So a few of the nice girls helped me up and I walked myself back home. As I am typing out this note while icing my ankle and applying heat to my back, so I thought... it might have been even worst.

Call me sick in the head but such is how I am determined to see it.

I helped participated in a marketing research study and helped a girl found the coins that she dropped on the floor right before the fall.  Believe it or not, you don't get the chance to help people everyday.

I choose to believe that I have done some good deeds and God will not let me get punished for good deeds yet again.  God will help me from now on. (Unless, God thanks that now my body is strong enough to take on a different form of injury? 8-O lol)

Of course, on my way home, my paranoia was having a field trip-- making me feel that everyone on the street knew what just happened to me.  The only thing I could say to myself was--

Dear, that was a damn ugly fall, for sure.  Yet, don't worry-- you have taken much more embarrassing falls before such as the one with easily over 100 eyes staring at you.  Don't worry.  This is only a pretty good "embarrassing fall"; yet, Micky mouse grade only.

At the same time, I already walk funny and use a cane.  Other than the pain in the ankle, how much more different would it be anyways? lol

So they say... have a good trip, see you next fall..

Now I had a good fall... I can start looking forward to my next trip, I guess?  8-O lol

And, of course, the lesson learned: stick to the KISS principle and forget about multitasking-- not to mention, mind thy own limits. 8-X

Despite a mighty embarrassing moment and some minor inconveniences on my ankle, one thing I can say now is--

I am full since now I am really sick from head to almost toe (sort of... and God, please leave my toes along) 8-O lol

Happy New Year!

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