Sunday, May 1, 2011

Deportation for nukes?

There were anti-nuke demonstrations in various parts of Taiwan yesterday, including Taipei.

After my physical therapy, I came across the crowd on the street and walked with them-- joined the parade-- for a few steps... on the sidewalk because my body was a bit tired... might have something to do with the little resistance I added to the stationary bike.

I would have loved to walk along with them through the entire trip.  Instead, I found myself busy looking for a place to take a rest while cheering for them.

Although Taiwan has a lot of resources, one thing it doesn't have is the capacity to withstand a, god forbid, nuclear accident.

Just so that you know, Taiwan is about 390 km in length and 140 km wide, with ranges of mountains bulging up in the middle of the island.

Currently, there are 3 nuclear plants running and one still under construction.

All 4 of these nuclear facilities put Taiwan in the known again because, according to a report of Wall Street Journal, all of our nuclear plants are... so to speak... very vulnerable.
If you take a look at the picture to the left, you will see where these plants are located with the big red icon indicating reactors currently operating and the lighter color one under construction.

Should one of the God-forbid nuclear accidents happen in the north and the residents need to be evacuated, there might over 6 million people that need to be moved to.... somewhere no farther than 390 km from the potential site provided that the nuclear plant right down south was all well and sound.

This is why, today, other than bitching about my mental and physical health problems, I also have an opinion about the nuclear issue...

Although we can't' simply close them all down in one setting and in one day, there is a need for the development and implementation of replacements, especially when, after these days, I am coming to grasp the reality that...

Well, it is as if... ain't nobody on this planet knows exactly how to deal with the aftermath... including the properly decommissioned nuclear wastes.8-O

(Apparently, not only I am delusional but also ignorant.... 8-O lol 8-X)

With the fourth plant that has been under construction since I was a kid, for God's sake, despite of all investments already put forth, let it be.   Once you let it start, its effects won't stop for a long long time...

Unfortunately, in Taiwan, the only parties with 100% confidence and fidelity towards the future of nuclear energy seem to be the government, the electricity company and the nuclear regulator in Taiwan. 8-O

So, back to the parade, two ladies from Fukushima came to join the parade that I wished to have been able to partake.  And, apparently, they shared with people what they had to go through since 311... as refugees..

Then, it was in the news... though the events seem to be really peaceful and smooth...

Oops... the Taiwanese Immigration was considering about deporting them from Taiwan and might revoke their privilege to come to Taiwan without a visa in the future? 8-O

Apparently, they joined a parade and they spoke on stage.

Holly Cow... thank the American immigration to have not deported me years back... ever since I started giving talks in many a conferences in public... even worse, I might have also spoke in non-conference places in public as well... 8-X

Also, l most went to a parade for breast cancer and had wanted to get on to the David Letterman or Oprah Winfrey show... Damn... that would have added one more reason for the DHS to authorize immediate notice of deportation?!

Although this note might not get to these two ladies... these two ladies have my full support and, I bet, the support of many more Taiwanese.

My most sincere apology to them as a Taiwanese.

The only thing I can say is that... it is not the Taiwanese people... it's the immigration.... unfortunately... my immigration.

And, if the immigration says that... it is the law... well... the laws are in words and can't either interpret or execute themselves. 

Apparently, these ladies will leave soon voluntarily and, thus, won't be "deported".  I also hope that the visa-privilege revoking kinda BS won't come through.

Yet, the fact that these talks emerged... like how my body moves or how I walk at times... backwards, backwards... sigh

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