Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The usefulness of "limited"

After I got back to NYC last Sunday, I came over to stay with this friend who broke her foot and had a surgery done.

At this point, she is officially more handicapped than me in certain capacity.

Just now, I had this epiphany and I shared it with her..

"Thank you."

She had this "what?" expression on her face...

So I continued, "I haven't seen anybody more disabled than me for a while."

(Of course, not counting my two uncles who have been in bed since their strokes..)

"Shut up.  You are not supposed to laugh at people's misery."  So she yielded at the top of her lungs...


Well, it is not like I was ever laughing at her miseries...

It is more or less like... strange that the limited functionality my body still has, all of sudden, becomes pretty useful... even to the others... 8-O

Regardless, it is sort of comical living through this thing called "a handicapped trying to take care of a fledgling disabled".... and dark comedy, of course... 8-O 8-X lol sigh

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