Monday, May 2, 2011

Don't give up

On my way back from the hospital where I visited an eye doctor and a doctor for my stomach... oops... I was a bit tired.

Might have something to do with the time of the month thing, my body hasn't been too happy today as well..

As I wobbled down Fu-hsin south road, I was not a happy camper but I kept on wobbling away till I finally reach the intersection of Zhonghsao east road.

This gentleman approached me with a pack of Kleenex in his hand... his only hand...

"Buy a pack?"

I looked back at him... possibly with not much livelihood due to pure exhaustion etc.

"I didn't recognize you!"  So he exclaimed.

He had seen me walking up and down this intersection many a time... before and after I got back to be caned.

We might have chit-chatted a bit... and...

As I was getting myself ready to cross the street, so he had me told,  "Don't give up!"

I looked back, wanting to say "thank you," but, ended up gave him only a smile back... perhaps... because that was somehow to overwhelming a dasein moment.

And, I wobbled on... in all ways towards all directions.. I wobbled on...

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