Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stomach problems

Went back to visit my mom's family during the weekend with the main purpose: celebrating Mother's day for my 95-year-old grandmom who moves as slow and far sturdier than me. lol

So I asked my cousins, uncles and aunts... about their stomach problems..

Essentially, some of them had ulcer with or without holes... might or might not have the bleeding complication...

Another friend of mine actually found out that she had 3 holes in her stomach... no wonder the black stool... Yet, when asking her whether it was painful, she told me, "I didn't even know.  I did the endoscopy as part of the health checkout."

Mine's Micky mouse because it's got no hole and neither does it bleed.

So I asked them all...

"Do you ever feel that when the stomach is bloated or might be upset, your head and your entire body also become bloated to the extent that your head would stop working and you go... duh..?"

The answers obtained from my ulcerous peers were a uniformed "No."

Then, it was yesterday when I went to see my gastroenterologists and I asked whether he has ever heard of patients reporting similar kinds of experiences.

"Very rare."  So he responded.

"Very rare-- which means there is someone else!" So I joyfully exclaimed because... OMG... I am not alone. 8-O lol

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