Thursday, November 12, 2009


Some people are allergic (i.e. have an electromagnetic allergy) to 50 or 60 Hz electromagnetic fields... (Well, I guess, next time you find someone that you dislike or distrust for no reason, you could think of it this way... I think I am allergic to their electromagnetic field... oops... 8-O lol)

At the same time, this leads me to ponder... Do people with similar personality occupy similar parts of the electromagnetic spectrum?

Or, do PCs and Macs create different magnetic fields and this is why some people feel more in tune with PC and others with Macs? 8-O lol

And, the perception of the electromagnetic field... is that what they call as aura? And, when people could see aura, is it because their electromagnetic field happen to be in the right frequency?

An interesting light reading about human existence and magnetic fields.... as I continue to be fascinated da ueber...

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